Christian Hack


This artist’s biography is hardly lineal. To go from being an industrial design student at the Folkwang school to “mutating” into a sculptor certainly doesn’t happen as a matter of course, however, Christian Hack was always drawn to the sculpture department, where, under the guidance of Prof. Max Kratz, he finally gave in to the decisive impulse and gained the required courage to take this inclination seriously. Thus arose his first work- a “globe” made of welded iron pipe segments- made in his free time and just for fun, which ignited his initial desire to work creatively with the challenging material of metal.

  • Born in 1946 in Erlangen
  • 1971-76 Folkwang School Essen, Industrial Design, Model Construction (Acrylic), Architecture und Devices
  • 1976-81 Self-employed Designer
  • 1981-86 Various types of employment, Interior Design
  • 1987 First sculptures in Acrylic, Polyester, Steel, Bronze
  • 1991 Self-employed sculptor
  • Current and Previous Exhibitions

    1994 Galerie im Cranach-Haus, Weimar
    Galerie Haverkamp, Neustadt/Pf.
    1995 Galerie Hellhof, Kronberg/Ts.


    1994 ART multiple, Düsseldorf
    1995 Artihove Art Centre, Bergschenhoek, Den Haag (NL)
    ART Frankfurt, Galerie Knabe
    1996 ART multiple, Düsseldorf
    Artihove Art Centre, (NL)
    1997 Galerie Zauberberg, Kelkheim/Ts.
    LivingStone Gallery, Den Haag, (NL)
    2001 Galerie Retelet, St. Paul-de-Vence, (F)
    LivingStone Gallery, Den Haag, (NL)
    2002 KünstlerForum Zauberberg, Kelkheim/Ts.
    LivingStone Gallery, Den Haag, (NL)
    Galerie W. Schoots, Eindhoven (NL)
    2003 Galerie W. Schoots, Eindhoven (NL)
    Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin
    2017 Galerie Horst Dietrich
    Christian Hack - Skulpturen, Albrecht Genin - Bilder, Margret Eicher - Tapisserie


    2000 „JANUS“, Edelstahl, Höhe 3,5m, Deutsche Bank AG, Bad Homburg/Ts.
    2001 „KELKHEIMER TOR“, Corten, Höhe 5m, Kelkheim/Ts.

  • Publications

    Christian Hack - Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit,

    Hrsg. Livingston Gallery, Galerie Willi Schoots und Galerie Horst Dietrich. Text: Gerhard R. Koch, deutsch, holländisch.

    ISBN 90-75884-09-5/3-926166-36-3, signiert